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Founded in 1971, Pasek España is a company dedicated, among other things, in the manufacture of refractory materials.

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Dr. Carreño, 1 – Bajo, 33405 Salinas – Asturias

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Pasek Minerales is a spanish company that comes from the split in 2009 of mining activities of the company Pasek España.

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Mina Dunita Landoy, 15360 Cariño – La Coruña

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Subsidy granted to PASEK

“INNOREFRAL: Design, study and validation of new refractories for industrial use reinforced with monocrystalline alumina fibers”

IN852A 2014/71

Project description: The main challenge of the project is the investigation of new refractory materials, which main characteristics will be higher mechanical properties and higher temperature performance, achieved through the use of high purity monocrystalline alumina fibers (whiskers) as a reinforcing phase

The subsidy granted to PASEK MINERALES, S.A.U. for this project was € 148,910

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