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We ensure that your system is always ready to produce.

The maintenance full service may include refractory to management and purchase of various materials involved, and control of the material worn demolition and reconstruction of the layers of work and safety. Finally the heating control and commissioning of all items.

Pasek offers this service based on a thorough knowledge of refractory materials and the continued presence for over 40 years working within the facilities of our customers.

What Pasek brings:

1.Engineering and consulting
  •    Analysis of materials and designs.
  •    Study refractory life.
  •    Follow-up on installation.
  •    Benchmarking
  •    Review of refractory application process
  •    Thermography and drying equipment
  •    Advanced software to Thermal Studies (ANSYS – Simutherm)

2. Refractory cost reduction through continuous technical improvement
3. Refractory maintenance contracts
  •     Maintenance full service
  •     Management of different materials applied
  •     Materials wear out control and demolition
  •     Construction and commissioning
  •     Refractory processes continuous improvement
4. Total Refractory Solutions
  •  We produce:
    •         Vibrated casting, Thixotropic, Conventional gunning, Shotcrete, No Cement Castables, Fast dry…
    •         Manufacture of special pieces (Tundish Covers, Burners, Oven Frames..).
  • Our Service:
    •         Remote-controlled demolition, installation of all kinds of refractory products and systems.
    •         Mechanical Maintenance of refractory related equipment (Boilers, Converters, Ladles, Tundish, Slag Cones, Slab Heating Ovens, Fluidized Bed…)
5. Availability: Your installation always ready to produce