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Integrated policies



Integrated policies

Integrated policies

Quality Policy, Environment and Occupational Risk Prevention.

Pasek, established company in the field of manufacturing and installation of refractory, understands the Quality, Environment and Risk Prevention as business priorities aimed at achieving leadership, growth and efficiency in its activities, by establishing the following principles:

  • Perform work and services at all times correspond to the expectations of our customers, in order to retain them and ensure our leadership and permanence as company.
  • Ensure the care and respect for the environment as an important element of a good quality of life.
  • Active protection of the health and safety of all workers and facilities as a basic principle for the development of the activity.

According to these principles, Pasek España, S.A.U. assumed the following commitments:

  1. The compliance with the legal requirements, regulation in force and clients expectations aplicable to the activity of the company as well as any other requirement that the company subscribes to.
  2. To Identify, evaluate and eliminate or reduce the risks the workers are exposed to and never make a priority at the expense of Health and Safety.
  3. To provide the required resources (human, technological and financial) and specific knowledges, for the implementation and maintenace of an Integrated Management System (IMS).
  4. To support and review the Quality, Environment and Prvention of Occupational Hazards Policy implemented by the Management as the maximum responsible for it, as well as to report it and make it available to the public every time it is requested.
  5. To fix annual goals and targets and do the follow-up through relevant indicators, as a tool for improving and self-evaluating our Integrated Management System based on Process Management.
  6. To implement corrective and preventive actionst when a nonconformity is detected in order to avoid to repeat them in the future.
  7. The rational use of resources and the reduction of environmental impacts, wastes and emissions, to prevent pollution, improve the environment, and promote the positive image of the company.
  8. To develop and implement at all levels of the organization a system based on the continuous improvement of our processes, working conditions and also in the reduction of environmental impacts.
  9. To boost training and give the worker a suitable theoretical and practical training to promote a highly qualified workforce.
  10. To integrate at all hierarchical levels a System for Quality, Environmental and Prevention of Occupational Hazards, understanding that a good management and implementation is only possible with the consultation and participation of each and every member of the organization.
  11. To respect, promote and boost the rights and obligations included in the Crime Prevention Policy and adopted by the company as a formal commitment.