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Engineering and design


Engineering and design

Engineering and design

     Pasek is the sole supplier of refractory in Spain that supplies and installs high alumina monolithic money-treatment spinel steel spoons. The development of this technology, first in Spain, was the culmination of a project BRITE between 1997 and 2002, led by Pasek. Despite an initial cost than refractory brick, concrete durability it becomes more profitable after a sufficient number of washes.

     Pasek develops its own technology product by their own means and through technology agreements with leading Spanish research centers.

Pasek has developed and managed European projects and maintains a fixed portfolio of specific research projects and innovation of materials, public instruments financed by its highly innovative.

     Currently , Pasek is investigating the technological benefits of the incorporation of ceramic nanoparticles and carbon nanofibers at their highest performance formulations.

     Pasek has a factory of concrete and refractory masses with an annual production of 15,000 tons in Llodares (Castrillon). Production is divided into three lines, and silicoaluminosos aluminous refractory concrete, basic masses and masses wet. The process is automated by 75% with an expected total automation in the coming years.

     The quality control of manufactured products is carried out by applying its own technological and ITMA Foundation, Materials Technology Institute of Asturias. Pasek is part of ITMA Foundation Board.

     In response to the challenges posed by our clients and the interest of finding new and better technical solutions, we continuously develop in our laboratory and in collaboration with universities and technology centers, and Mass Concrete new and the technology required for implementation.

     Tell us your refractory problem if you want a reliable and professional solution.