• At PASEK ESPAÑA, we express our firm commitment to ethical culture and regulatory compliance, both within the organization and in our relationships with third parties. For this reason, we have implemented a Crime Prevention System, which also includes the implementation of an Internal Information System in accordance with Law 2/2023, of February 20, whose essential element is the Compliance Channel.
  • What is Pasek España’s Compliance Channel?

The Compliance Channel implemented at PASEK ESPAÑA is available through a form on the website to submit in writing, anonymously or confidentially, at the informant’s choice. However, for confidential submissions only, a postal address is also provided: Apartado 1139 – 33405 Salinas – Asturias.

  • What can be reported through the Compliance Channel?

Through the use of the Compliance Channel, regulatory or unethical infringements, criminal conduct, serious or very serious administrative offenses, and any violation of European Union law detected at PASEK ESPAÑA can be reported.

  • What cannot be reported through the Compliance Channel?

The Channel cannot be used for communications other than the mentioned non-compliances, as well as for matters that have other responsible parties. Likewise, false communications made with the sole intention of causing harm, etc., will be inadmissible.

  • Is confidentiality and anonymity guaranteed?

The Channel allows for anonymous or confidential communication, at the informant’s choice, guaranteeing, in any case, the protection of informants against any form of retaliation in accordance with the provisions of Law 2/2023, of February 20, regulating the protection of persons who report regulatory infringements and fight against corruption.

  • Who is responsible for the Compliance Channel?

The System Manager is the Corporate Compliance Officer, without prejudice to the fact that, at present, the management of the channel is outsourced to our legal advisor, Vaciero, S.L.P.

  • Are there other external channels to report non-compliance?

Yes, it is also possible to report, either directly or after prior communication through PASEK’s Compliance Channel, any actions or omissions falling within the scope of Law 2/2023, to the Independent Authority for Informant Protection, A.A.I., to the corresponding regional authorities or bodies, and, when applicable, to institutions, organizations, or agencies of the EU. The links to external channels are as follows:

– Independent Authority for Informant Protection, A.A.I. (pending creation)

₋          National Anti-Fraud Coordination Service or Asturias Anti-Fraud Service

₋          Competition Defense Authority

₋          Public Prosecutor’s Office

₋          Labor Inspection

₋          Tax Agency

₋         European Prosecutor’s Office

  • Do you want to know more details about the Channel and how we handle your personal data?

For more information, you can access the Compliance Channel form, where you have access to the «Channel Policy» and the «Privacy Policy.»

>> Access the Compliance Channel here.