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Mission and values


Mission and values

Mission and values


  • Implementation of 5S
  • Continuous improvement in working condition

Quality and Service: EXCELLENCE and INTEGRITY

  • Impress “PASEK WARRANTY” on all products and services
  • Business: INITIATIVE
  • Each client an opportunity
  • A client is lifelong

Continuous improvement: TRAINING

  • Training Programs
  • Implementing LEAN

Corporate Social Responsibility: CORPORATE COMPLIANCE

  • At Pasek Minerales S.A.U. we are aware of the importance of ethical principles and personal values and we believe in the responsibility of an ethical behaviour as a guarantee of trust for our stakeholders. This is why we have taken a step forward in responsibility and transparency and we have created a “Corporate Compliance” system, which, through its Code of Conduct, represents our fundamental commitment to the compliance, in the performance of our business, with the current legal regulations as well as the rules that reflect our essence. This is especially important at this key moment of international expansion, since watching over Pasek Minerales’s values grows in complexity as our focus of establishment is increasingly diversified.