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Fluid bed



Fluid bed


Pasek is analyzing the use of dunite as sand for fluid bed in boilers
  • Ultramafic rock, orthopyroxene, clinopyroxene and olivine as the main components in different proportions.
  • Mesh textures frequent primary mineralization and further development.
  • Extremely homogeneous chemical composition.
  • Environmental product, no sulfur and halogen elements.
  • Fluidizing Geldart classification: “A” for AFA100 and “B” for AFA50.
  • High mechanical strength, both hot and cold, so no fines are generated by friction.
  • K content
  • Melting temperature = 1450 ° C.
  • Grain size adapted to customer requirements.
  • SO2 absorption capacity, reduced lime consumption.
  • Good sphericity (0.5 according to ISO 13503-2 analysis).
  • Porosity of 20% from 800 ° C


Crushing Strength1.400 kg/cm²
Abrasive index4,5
LA test15-25
Specific weight2,85 g/cm³
Bulk density1,70 tm/m³

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