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Used as a minor raw material in the basic mixes used as refractories in contact with molten steel.

  • Basic Refractory Mixes
  • Tundish Gunning
  • Other refractory mixes

Grain sizes:

  • AFA50
  • AFA100

Dunite is a natural low cost basic raw material

  • Calcined Dunite  use in refractory applications is not new in the market. Over several   years   since   our  mine  is  in operation, Pasek  and   other refractories suppliers have been successfully formulating  basic mixes for tundish with Calcined Dunite percentages  between  20  and  30%.  Further advanced   products  with  higher Dunite  percentages  are  currently being successfully tested.
  • The annual amount of Dunite that is being  commercialized  by Pasek for tundish mixes is currently at around 5,000 tons. This considerable yearly amount can be taken as a guarantee of good behaviour of the Dunite for refractory applications when properly formulated.
  • Last but  not least, using Calcined Dunite in the basic tundish  lining  mixes provides a considerable saving which makes it really interesting in the present market conditions and also a good solution to offset other refractory raw materials price increases in the formula
  • Dunite  is a raw material  mined and  processed  within  the EU.  This guarantees  the stability  on supply and quality though time  and  as a totally  integrated supply  chain,  from  the  mine  to  your  warehouse Pasek can guarantee the delivery times and be a flexible and reliable supplier for your raw material need of Dunite  type products.

Calcidun % (1400 ºC/5h):