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Pasek Dunita

Pasek Dunite

The dunite is a plutonic rock, comprising a series of primary minerals, often wholly or partially converted into other minerals side by different geological processes. Its chemical nature is basic, being its main mineral olivine.

Dunite from the Ortegal Cape has a primary mineralization of olivine, orthopyroxenes and clinopyroxenes. Different geological processes, mainly hydrothermal alterations promoted by seawater contact, have derived in a secondary mineralization of lime amphiboles and secondary serpentenization consisting mainly of calcic amphiboles and serpentines.

The typical chemical analysis of Pasek dunite:

MgO37,2 %
CaO1,8 %
SiO240,7 %
Al2O32,4 %
Fe2O38,3 %
Na2O0,1 %
K2O< 0,1 %
L.O.I.9,2 %

The typical mineralogical analysis of Pasek dunite:

MineralChemical formulaPercentage
BRONZITE[MgO,FeO]•SiO219,5 %

The production capacity of dunite is one million tons annually. Its main application is the production of pig iron, in which is used as a flux, added in the blast furnace at approximately 15 to 35 kg per tonne.

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